La Plata Golf Course History

This information has been obtained from Bill Bullock, Clarence "Corky" Thomas and Tom Phillips.

The George Hastings family donated 40 acres to the City of La Plata.  In 1932, a group of citizens cameup with the idea to build a golf course on the land.  6 holes were laid out and mowed with push-type mowers.  These holes wound around gullies filled with old car bodies and junk, the city sewer treatment plant, and an occasional milk cow, and through trees and brush.  It's been said that bricks were manufactured in what is now the 5th fairway.

In 1933, a 9-hole course was laid out.  Par was 31 strokes.  Local men drew numbers from a hat to see which hole they would construct.  Clarence Thomas and his brothers, Gail and Leland drew # 1; Wayne Shinn #2;  Herb Sears #3; Frank Elliott; Raymond Flinchaugh and Dale Frye #4; Floyd Dedman, Charles Womack, Watt Johnson and Dr. E.R. Adams #5;  Otto Shinn #6;  St. Clarence Buckley #7;  Leon Tansil #8; and Herb Holmes, Walter  Wilkerson, Edward Fenlon #9.  A building was brought in from Love Lake to be used as a clubhouse until it was razed in th 1980"s.  Water lines were laid to the greens to keep the grass alive in the summer.  Sometime in 1939, a bent grass green was seeded and maintained by Dr. Buckley and Leon Tansil (#7).  Around the parking lot were tennis courts, a playground, and the baseball/football field.  Most of the golfers marked their golf balls with an identifying mark.  If you found a marked ball, you were to return it to a box in the clubhouse so the rightful owner could reclaim it.  Also, one gentlemen (who didn't like to lose anything) would tie a string around his tee and put the other end of the string under his foot so he wouldn't lose the tee.

There was a different layout being used in 1965 when Claude and Tom Phillips started working at the course.  It was also a short layout, around 2150 yeards, with 4 par 3's and 5 par 4's for a total par of 32.  This layout was used until around June 19, 1967.

On June 20, 1967 another layout was opened,  This layout was longer (2825 Yards) , par 35.  We used 6 or the existing greens and volunteers and course employees helped contruct 3 new ones.  The new greens were #'s 4, 5, 6.  This design had 7 parallel fariways.  This meant golfers had a lot of shots flying into neighboring fairways possibly toward other golfers.  Two of our more resourceful members came to play wearin "hard hats."

In 1988, 36 acres to the west owned by Doug Bragg was purchased to allow for another design.  The added acres allowed the new layout to be longer and much safer.  The new layout was built due to the efforts of many volunteers, organization, and course employees.  This layout was opened September 4, 1990 with Clarence Thimas and J.W. Bragg hitting the first shots off of #1 tee.  This design had watered fairways, greens , and trees.

Due to increased play 50 acres was purchased from Mike and Cindy Moore in 1998 to allow for contruction of a second 9 holes.  Local contractors, many volunteers, and course employees began working the new 9 holes.  This design was a short, tight layout with 6 ponds, 11 sand traps, and mounding along some of the fairways and greens.  This layout was opened on Jun 10, 2000.00