REVIEW OF DERELICT PROPERTY ISSUES:  Letters were mailed to Carol Buck – 423 E. Orrick; Marcella Delaney – 322 N. Jones; and Amanda Bowen – 219 E. Sanders on August 16th. On August 21st letters were mailed out to Darrell Green – 223 W. Orrick; Jill Beautte – 302 W. Orrick; Jerry Thomas – 327 W. Orrick; and Matt Good – 116 W. Benton. On August 24th, a letter was mailed to Bob Mense – 318 W. Orrick (YARD MOWED). The police officers continue to monitor several other areas in town that will also be sent letters.
On Thursday, August 16th, TNT Foam & Roof Coatings started power washing the water department building in preparation to paint. The painting project was completed to satisfaction and they were paid on Thursday, August 23rd. Due to some misunderstanding about painting the new tin that was installed on the building and some extra trim that Mike requested, I approved an additional $425 on the bid to complete the project.
Steve Berg of G.W. Van Keppel Company contacted Kiley on Thursday, August 16th and reported that the oil distributor truck would be delivered either on Wednesday or Thursday, August 22nd or 23rd. The truck was delivered by a transporting company on Wednesday, August 22nd and Matt and Steve of G.W. Van Keppel Company were in town on Thursday afternoon, August 23rd to give the street department employees a briefing on the operation of the unit. Kiley had hoped to try the unit out on Friday, August 24th but due to the badly needed rain it was postponed until more suitable weather. They rescheduled yard waste pick up until Wednesday and did an overlay on the north end of S. Gex Street on Tuesday, August 28th and north end of S. Owensby Street on Monday, September 10th. Both sections look very good. On Thursday, September 13th, they finished off the oil in the distributor truck on a section of Center Street.
DNR came and inspected the picnic tables at the City Reservoir that Bobbie obtained funding for from a grant. After the inspection, they approved the disbursement of the funds in the amount of $7,290 for the tables and it has been direct deposited into our account. Bobbie will have to file a separate invoice for the $400 for the concrete pads.
The sewer reline project is progressing and change orders have been submitted and approved for certain areas of town in need of updates that hadn’t previously been approved. Unfortunately, due to the changeover of the pumps and electrical power at the lagoon, irrigation to the Belt and Smithson properties had to be curtailed until the equipment is installed. The extended date for completion of the project is October 15th and the new date for readiness of the final payment is November 14th. Willis Brothers started the chip and seal on Gilstrap on Wednesday, September 5th and completed it successfully. Mike mentioned that the trash trucks shouldn’t be allowed to travel that street for at least a year. Dena contacted the residents on Gilstrap and made them aware that the city employees will be picking up their trash and taking it to the dumpster until further notice. The residents on Gilstrap are very appreciative of the sewer and street update.
On Wednesday and Thursday, September 5th and 6th, the city employees were forming up the area to pour concrete for the installation of the pad mount transformer. They had intended to pour the concrete on Thursday or Friday but due to the inclement weather they decided to wait until Monday, September 10th. During the week of September 17th, they installed the pad mount transformer.
We increased our golf members to 123 for the season since last month’s meeting. There are currently 82 (32 NEW) singles, 35 (12 NEW) families, 1 college membership; and 5 (3 NEW) junior membership. Of those, there are a total of 47 NEW memberships. Last year we had 82 paid memberships therefore giving us an increase of 40 members for this season. Of those 123 members, we currently have 25 that are paying monthly for their memberships via automatic withdrawal. Revenue for the golf course for 2017-2018 was $188,446.20 compared to $169,992.47 for 2016-2017 for an increase of $18,453.73. According to the ending balances, the golf course was a positive $999.00 for the past fiscal year.
The La Plata City Park was the scene of excitement on Friday, August 24th when Park Board President Tyler Murray, owner of T & T Tree Trimming and his crew cut down a hollow tree that contained a swarm of bees. After the tree was down, La Plata Police Officer John Taylor suited up in his bee protective suit and head gear and with the assistance of Murray began the task of safely removing the bees and relocating them to a special box. The process took several hours and care was taken to safely transfer them into the box for relocation. Tyler and his crew came back on Monday to clean up the debris and trim off the stump. All of Tyler’s work was done FREE and he personally paid his crew’s wages for the time spent. He deserves a BIG “thank you”. Tyler also reported at a recent Park & Recreation Board meeting that he was checking into the cost of stump grinding.
Friday, August 31st, Bob Couch, La Plata Emergency Management Director decided not to perform the severe storm siren warning test due to the inclement weather. The next test is scheduled for Friday, September 28th.
The yard waste pickup was held on Tuesday, August 28th and Wednesday, August 29th and again on Tuesday, September 25th. There will be two more pickups for the year on October 26th and November 30th.

The fall bulk pickup will be held on Monday, October 22nd and a list of acceptable and non-acceptable items from Advanced Disposal can be obtained on our Facebook page or by checking with City Hall.

There were NO building permits issued since the August 14th meeting.

City Reservoir campsite update: The project had been put on hold due to so many other necessary city projects that were pending. On Friday, September 21st, the city employees began trenching the water line into the campsite area and worked again on Monday, September 24th. After several issues with the trencher, the work was contracted out in order to get the project done.

In order for the City of La Plata to apply for any future grant funding, a current LMI study must be done. This is being done prior to paying for an engineering report that was approved during the August 14th meeting to determine areas of need. The LMI survey was done in 2014 but was only good for two years. A list of La Plata residents and addresses was sent to the MTRCG and letters were received for those that were randomly selected from the community on Friday, August 24th. I would like to urge everyone that received a survey to please take the time to fill it out and return it in the enclosed postage paid envelope or drop them off at La Plata City Hall. Of the total list of 541 residential customers 312 surveys were mailed out. We must receive 80 percent or 250 of those completed surveys back with 51 percent of those being Low to Moderate Income. Due to the large amount of grant monies being available, if successful, the City of La Plata intends to apply for grant funding for infrastructure projects such as street improvements, drainage issues, etc. If this LMI has successful response from our residents then it would be good for four years of grant applications. The original letter had that the surveys could be returned to the city hall in Louisiana instead of La Plata. A second mailed was received by local residents which I thought was just going to be a letter of explanation of the error but they sent duplicate surveys which confused some people. As of Monday, September 24th, only 140 surveys or 44 percent had been returned to MTRCG. In order to qualify, 110 more surveys need to be returned. The original deadline was Tuesday, September 25th which means that surveys will need to be mailed out again to those that haven’t returned them and if need be a telephone survey will be done in order to attempt to receive the required number.

The bid of Timothy Sizemore in the amount of $2,298.00 was accepted to brick in the two windows and a door on the back side of the Police Station, that had previously been boarded up, as well as tuck pointing the structure. Tim’s crew started working on the project on Tuesday, August 21st and finished the project on Monday, August 27th. The total amount paid was $2,448.00 which was an additional amount of $150.00 that I approved due to the fact that he had previously stated before starting the project that it was hard to actually determine what they would find once they got into the project.

Police Chief Jason Bunch submitted a “Crime Summary Report “for the month of August.
As of Tuesday, September 18th, Fire Chief Bob Couch reported that they have completed the testing on approximately one-half fire hydrants. Residents in areas where the hydrant testing is being done may experience some issues with dirty water but shouldn’t be alarmed unless it continues several days. During the testing, they have determined some hydrants that need to be serviced or replaced.
An application for a new DNR burn permit was submitted on Tuesday, September 18th.

Besides D-TAP, The Drug Testing Awareness Program, 601 Business Loop 70W-Ste. 204 in Columbia, MO which is located in Parkade Plaza  right across from KIA of Columbia – 888-230-7424 there are several other fingerprinting locations in the area including Brookfield, Chillicothe, Macon, and Moberly. The site at Kirksville is still pending.

The fall bulk pickup is scheduled for Monday, October 22nd. The following is a list of acceptable and non-acceptable items that Advanced Disposal has provided: ACCEPTABLE ITEMS:  Items that are larger than three (3) feet in any dimension and or heavier than fifty (50) pounds in weight, and/or otherwise will not fit within an empty trash can, thus too large or too bulky to be collected by Contractor on normal household collection.  Including but not limited to items such as mattresses and box springs, indoor/outdoor furniture, swing sets (dismantled, cut into 4’ lengths), plastic swimming pools, large toys, bicycles, fish aquariums, sofas, chairs, tables, carpets (cut in 4’x4’ sections and tied), televisions,  microwaves and other similar items. NOT ACCEPTABLE ITEMS:  Items not accepted include but are not limited to; discarded solid wastes resulting from construction, remodeling and repair and demolition of structures, road building and land clearing including but not limited to, bricks, concrete, and other masonry materials, soil, rock, lumber, road spoils, paving material, tree and brush stumps. Hazardous substances, pollutants, contaminants, toxic substances, toxic chemicals or extremely hazardous substances, biomedical waste, yard waste and vegetation. APPLIANCES: Anyone having appliances to dispose of may contact La Plata City Hall at 660-332-7166 and we will contact a private individual that picks up appliances FREE of charge.

I attended a Local Government Training Workshop sponsored by MTRCG in Perry, MO on Tuesday evening, August 28th.  The workshop covered classification and form for municipal government; powers of the Mayor and governing body; ethical issues; council procedures; open meeting and records/Sunshine Law; and budgets, taxation, and revenue. Speakers for the event were representatives from the Missouri Municipal League.

Nikiah Smith of the La Plata R-II FCCLA contacted me regarding a Fall City Wide Yard Sale event. The event has been scheduled for Saturday, October 13th and from the responses on Facebook it appears that it will be as much of a success as the one in June due to the cooler weather. Also, the city wide bulk pickup will be held following the event on Monday, October 22nd for those wanting to get rid of left over items. Deputy City Clerk Dena Hodges has agreed to do the pre-registration and make the map for the FCCLA. There is a $3 fee being charged to help pay for the advertising and registration was due by September 26th. As of Tuesday, September 25th, there were twenty (20) signed up to have yard sales on that day.

Due to the fact that Amtrak has increased the number of times they are “removing unruly passengers” in La Plata, Jason and I have discussed how the issue can be resolved. After contacting Marceline and Fort Madison police departments and discussing the issue, Jason contacted an Amtrak security agent and was told that they would send out a memo to the train service employees and advise them to only remove unruly passengers in La Plata if it was an absolute emergency. The situation will be monitored for a couple months to see if the occurrences decrease.

On Thursday, September 6th I received an email regarding the MSHP having more than (400) four hundred M16 A1 rifles available. If LPD is approved, the processing charge would be $50 per rifle and they would have to be picked up at the Highway Patrol Headquarters in Jefferson City. Jason said that at this time the department only has one long gun which is personally owned by an officer. He asked that I request 5 guns which would be one per officer on our roster. I sent an email letter request on our letterhead back to the MSHP and we will be waiting for an answer as to if we were approved.

It appears that for the most part the Labor Day festival went well with no complaints that I have heard regarding the carnival. The weather was hot but we missed the rain from dampening any of the scheduled activities. However, the issue of underage individuals driving 4-wheelers, side by sides, and golf carts during the weekend instead of just for the parade kept the police department busy responding to complaints. Discussion was held during the September 11th meeting to amend the current ATV ordinance to include UTV (side by sides) and actions will be taken during the October meeting.

The next meeting of the La Plata Board of Alderman will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 9th.  All meetings are open to the public and we urge anyone wishing to discuss a specific subject or concern to contact City Clerk Bobbie Jacques at least 24 hours prior to the meeting in order to be placed on the agenda.